Our Story

Rome wasn't built in a day.

But it didn't take fifty years either.

So why on earth has eczema care not advanced in that time?

Sufferers across the globe.
Unhappy with their care.
Average out of pocket spend per year looking for a solution.
These figures don't lie.

We know, because we've lived it. And it's what compelled us to act.

Dr Haroon Ahmad

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Niall Jawad

Chief Technology Officer

Dr Noreen Akram

Chief Medical Officer

On A Mission To Make Eczema A Thing Of The Past.

Eczemadoc was born from our frustrations as lifelong eczema sufferers. Couple that with our experiences as doctors and you've got a recipe for an ambitious team that's going to solve this condition, once and for all.

We've seen first-hand the needless confusion and trial and error based approach to most long term conditions, in particular eczema.

So we're putting a stop to it. By placing the control into the hands of those with eczema.

By using a unique algorithm, machine learning and personalised coaching, we're tackling the root cause of eczema and bringing a long overdue smile to faces of sufferers.

Solving it for good will just be a bonus.

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