Having battled with eczema since childhood, we know first-hand the frustrations, anxiety and stress associated with the condition. As budding doctors going through our dermatology rotations, our heads were spinning  by the minefield of emollients, steroids, tablets and more (and that's after 5 years of medical school).

Speaking to countless individuals, we found that patients with eczema are under-supported and the field was a little neglected. Patients are expected to largely self-manage this complex long-term condition, with occasional input from the GP and the rare, specialist dermatologist appointment.

But we have a different vision. We strongly believe that patients and parents deserve better support and the necessary resources to understand their condition.

And so, Eczemadoc was born.

Our mission is to empower patients to become their own doctors, as ultimately, they are the real experts. Eczemadoc equips patients to self-manage their condition, by understanding what causes their flare-ups and how best to control their eczema.

This pursuit has attracted the support of incredible individuals and organisations to bring this vision to life. We have seen overwhelming support from patients and parents and we’d love for you to join us on this journey as we aim to empower 100 million patients across the globe.

Our Story 🌱

550M+ Patients Across The Globe.

4-7 Months Average Dermatologist Wait.

No Cure, Or Specific Cause Known.

Eczema Care Is Broken.

We're Here To Fix It.

Eczemadoc was born from our frustrations as lifelong eczema patients. We'd had enough of the uncertainty of what was causing our eczema, the worry about when a flare up will occur next, and the pages and pages of false information online.

We started at medical school, but we're now a team of doctors, senior technology leaders and designers, that have all been affected by eczema. And we're backed by the best, from some of the leading dermatologists, digital health leaders and universities across the country.

We make managing your eczema simpler, by allowing you to easily track your symptoms, receive personalised insights and understanding everything you need to know to keep your eczema at bay.

Miena Mizusaki

UX/UI Designer

Dr Shai Singh

Chief Technology Officer

Dr Haroon Ahmad

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Niall Jawad

Chief Product Officer

Dr Noreen Akram

Chief Medical Officer

Meet The Brains Behind Eczemadoc:

Nyree Trimbel

Chief Marketing Officer

It's our vision to impact 100 million eczema sufferers across the globe 🌎 by 2030.