Features & Benefits

Easy Journalling

Keep track of your eczema symptoms and triggers in less than 30 seconds every day. We then show your eczema severity based on our Ed Score - a unique system that we've created based on our experience as doctors and research of over 200 academic papers.

Unique Insights

We present you with graphs, charts, and personal advice to help you understand how your eczema relates to common triggers.

Comprehensive Educational Content

Learn from over 60+ educational modules that are dermatologist approved and all based on academic research. Featuring content on everything from the triggers of eczema, managing a flare up, recognition of emergencies and newer therapies.

Eczemadoc Shield

We've created a visual representation of how protected you are against your next flare up. Taking the uncertainty out of eczema management, so you always know where you stand.

Eczema Predictions - Coming Soon

By keeping track of your symptoms and triggers on a regular basis, we'll provide you with predictions of when your eczema is likely to flare-up next. So you can prepare and step up your medication in advance.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Coming Soon

The latest research shows that the itch associated with eczema is the biggest driver for frequent flare ups. We tackle the itch-scratch cycle using a method called cognitive behavioural therapy, exclusively delivered through the app.

Immediate Access To A Dermatologist - Coming Soon

We deliver quick and simple access to a dermatologist, in contrast to the average wait of over 3 months in the UK.

You can even give them access to your information within the app, so you can be confident of receiving accurate and personalised care.