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What Causes Eczema To Flare Up? Everything You Need To Know.

'What causes my eczema to flare up?' Author: Every eczema patient ever

The above question has, at one point, kept every eczema sufferer up at night. And it's one that can be difficult to answer because each individual has their own triggers. But here, we give you a framework to figure out whats causing your eczema to flare up, and how you can use our app to not only figure out your triggers but to find out when they'll happen, in advance.

The causes of the condition itself is a mix of genetic and immune factors - which is sadly out of our control. However, there are often certain triggers that you should be aware of. Here at Eczemadoc, we categorise triggers into the following:

  • Internal Triggers - these are often factors that are controlled/influenced by you, but may trigger your eczema. Examples include your mood, how much sleep you get each night and how often you're following your skincare routine.

  • External Triggers - common environmental factors in your surroundings that may cause a flare ups. This can be causes by changes in weather, pollen count, humidity and air pollution.

  • Irritants - well known irritants such as cosmetics and detergents are best avoided to prevent damage to our (more delicate) eczema skin.

  • Foods - this is often the most controversial, because most peoples eczema won't be affected by foods. However, there are those individuals that suffer with intolerances or allergies that can cause flare ups.

But the question is, how do you figure out what flares up your eczema. Well, that's where the Eczemadoc app comes in. Because we allow you to seamlessly track all of your eczema triggers and display information to show you how they relate to your flare ups - pretty cool stuff right!

It doesn't stop there, because soon we'll be introducing a feature that allows you to see how your triggers are expected to change in the future, meaning that you're always one step ahead of your flare ups. So make sure to download the Eczemadoc app to easily figure out what's causing your eczema flare ups.