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The Eczemadoc Story - How 3 Doctors Are Solving The Eczema Puzzle.

Having battled with eczema since childhood, we know first-hand the frustrations, anxiety and stress associated with the condition. As a group of budding doctors going through our dermatology rotations, our heads were spinning by the minefield of emollients, steroids, tablets and more (and that's after 5 years of medical school).

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The Eczemadoc story began whilst we were at medical school.

Whilst speaking to countless eczema patients during our time at medical school, we realised that it wasn't only us that felt this way. In fact, eczema patients were expected to self-manage this complex condition, with little input from GPs and the rare dermatologist visit. This has left us all feeling under-supported, confused, and frustrated for way too long.

But the worst thing is, that this problem is only getting worse!

And thats why Eczemadoc was born. We have a different vision for how eczema should be managed. A vision that puts patients at the centre of their care and empowers them not only to figure out whats causing their eczema, but to provide the tools to manage it themselves.

We're putting patients in the driving seat by allowing them to seamlessly track their symptoms, understand the cause of flare ups and receive personalised coaching to treat eczema.

Our vision is simple yet ambitious - to not stop until the word eczema is no longer in the medical lexicon. And we're doing this by creating the most user-centric, end to end and empowering digital health clinic for patients with eczema.

We're fortunate to have some incredible individuals, investors and organisations joining us to bring our vision to life. So, whether you're an eczema patient, investor or corporate looking to join us on this journey, get in touch below - we're always happy to chat!