• Dr Noreen Akram

Eczema With Stress - 5 Ways To Break The Cycle.

Image of a person with eczema and stress
Sometimes a combination of stress and eczema can get us feeling down.

Eczema and Stress - Whats The Relationship?

Eczema and stress have a funny relationship. We already know that stress can flare up eczema. But what makes this worse is that eczema can make us even more stressed. Which leads to a vicious cycle of stress causing eczema which then leads to further stress.

The research has shown that stress and eczema often go hand in hand which leads to the above stress-eczema cycle. But the good news is that there are several techniques that we can use to break the cycle. The most important thing is to first identify your stress factors - which are unique reasons that get you feeling a little like our puppy friend here.

A dog that is stressed due to eczema.

How to break the stress-eczema cycle?

There are several things that we can do to combat stress and reduce eczema flare ups. Here are 5 things that you can do to break the cycle:

  1. Find Your Stress Factors - the most important first step is to figure out and track how your mood relates to your eczema. This is easier than it sounds, you can begin by writing down a few things that often cause you stress and being more mindful when these triggers are experienced. You can also use the Eczemadoc app to easily track your mood and how it relates your eczema severity.

  2. Meditation - practicing mindfulness has been shown to improve quality of life and significantly reduce stress. There are some good free resources online to get you started including the NHS Mindfulness page and, Mindful.org and several wellbeing apps.

  3. Exercise - is a great way to improve your mood by releasing the happy chemicals in your mind. Its been shown to significantly reduce stress, so why not try a new sport or hobby such as walking, running or playing squash.

  4. Eczema Support Groups - joining an eczema support group is a great way to connect with other sufferers to discuss and get support managing your eczema. The National Eczema Society has a great resource to find UK support groups and Healthline highlight US support groups.

  5. Healthcare Professionals - remember, if you've been feeling low in mood for over 2 weeks its important to seek help and talk to a healthcare provider.

Make sure to check out the Eczemadoc app to see how we use technology to figure out your stress factors and other eczema triggers. And make sure to let us know what your stress factors are in the comments below!

Stress and Eczema - In Summary