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Built by patients and led by the science, we've created your personalised eczema solution.

It all starts with Eczemadoc.

Easy Journalling 

Simply keep track of your symptoms and triggers.

Unique Insights

Graphs, charts, and advice, made only for you.

Information, From A to Z

Research backed educational paths and journeys to help truly manage your eczema.

Features & Benefits

We're re-imagining the way that eczema is managed.

By Patients, For Patients

We're a team of doctors, technologists, designers, and most importantly, eczema patients - so you can be confident that we are building something thats right for you!

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The first way to combat your eczema is to understand it - now I can.

Farah, 26-Year Old Female.

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You're using technology to track and learn about your eczema. That is truly revolutionary.

Tom, 24-Year Old Male.

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The information is amazing, i've never received this level of detail before. It's changed the way i manage my eczema!

Emma, 31-Year Old Female

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