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Living with Eczema is terrible.

What? We've all been thinking it... πŸ‘€
It's 2022, and we have no idea why we're having flare ups, when they'll happen next or how to treat them. Β 

It's time for change.

Introducing Eczemadoc.

Cutting edge tech, groundbreaking research and a dash of humour, to conquer eczema once and for all.

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Use our super fancy algorithm to track your symptoms, triggers and skincare routine. All in less than a minute.

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Discover your eczema triggers and your risk of a future flare up. Tips to protect yourself are even thrown in for free!

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Complete the groundbreaking Eczemadoc Science Programme and find out how to control your eczema, for good.
Wave goodbye to the past, Eczemadoc will take it from here.

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Ps. We Actually Do Get It.

Because we’re a team of doctors and scientists that live with eczema.

Just like you, we have skin in the game. (See what we did there πŸ™Š)

It's how we know that things aren't working, and haven't for a while.

Join us, as we beat eczema for good, using science and advanced tech to make care personal to you.
No more guesswork.
Monitor your symptoms, triggers, and the environment. So you know the actual cause of your flare ups.
Avoid the fake news.
Learn from the Eczemadoc Science Programme - built on over 250 academic papers on all things eczema.
Personalised care.
No more generic information. Specific advice and recommendations designed to improve your eczema.
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Eczemadoc is revolutionary.
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